I am interested in how we talk to each other, what argument is and how we do it (well), and how we treat each other.

Somewhere around Anja, Madagascar.

I was a member of the United States Peace Corps in the beautiful country of Madagascar from 2006-2008 – this is where I learned that I love to teach. I always knew that I loved to learn, and so when I returned I got my PhD in philosophy from the department of philosophy at the University of Rochester.

I currently have a lot of fun working with the faculty, staff, and students of the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program at the University of Rochester.


My research focuses on how normative, theoretical work meets practice. I am primarily interested argumentation theory, ethics, and writing studies, so I spend a lot of time thinking about how we live, reason, and communicate well. I am also interested in how those things are, or are not, related. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about patience as it relates to these domains and also larger social contexts.

Character, Dog Whistles, and the Limits of Charity (forthcoming)

Abstract | Both the principle of charity and responsibility condition are thought to be central elements of argument reconstruction ...
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Annihilation of Desire in Jain Ethics as a Challenge to Western, Subjectivist Notions of Well-being (2019, with Katherine L. Schaefer)

Abstract | Many accounts of well-being aim to be maximally accommodating with respect to the good life by ...
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Patience, Temperance, and Politics (2019)

Abstract | The purpose of this paper is to use an Aristotelian framework to investigate how political parties flourish ...
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Does an Adequate Physical Theory Demand a Primitive Ontology? (2013, with Alyssa Ney).

Abstract | Configuration space representations have utility in physics but are not generally taken to have ontological significance. We ...
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A couple of other interesting things

An unpublished, philosophical performance, care of the 2019 Conference on College Composition and Communication.

This piece was originally performed as part of a panel on risk-taking in academic writing at CCCC's 2019 ...
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An Interview with the Virtue Blog

Care of the Virtue, Happiness, and Meaning of Life Project ...
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My courses are designed around the interplay of performance, argument, identity, and using communication to create social change.

Course descriptions and syllabi available below.

First-Year Composition

WRT 105 – The Science of Good and Evil

Course Description: Traditionally philosophers have examined ethical questions but recently scientists have been experimenting about what is right & wrong ...
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Writing 105 – Human Happiness

Course Description: What is happiness? We seek it, talk about it, see it all over the news, but are we ...
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Professional Writing

DMS 200: Digital Portfolio

Course Description: Digital media students often publicly showcase their work while pursuing internships, careers, and postgraduate education. To prepare for ...
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WRT 274 – Psychology: Communicating your Professional Identity

Course Description: This interactive course teaches "real life" communication skills and strategies that help students present their best professional selves ...
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Community-Engaged Coursework

WRT 265 – Argument and Evidence Across Contexts

Course Description: In this course students will investigate the following questions: What is argument? What is evidence? To answer these ...
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WRT 370: Creating Digital Identities

Course Description: Creators in a variety of fields share their work on digital platforms: designers collaborate to change the world ...
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