WRT 105 – The Science of Good and Evil

Course Description: Traditionally philosophers have examined ethical questions but recently scientists have been experimenting about what is right & wrong. Can entrenched philosophical problems like whether one ought to kill one person to save ten be solved with brain scans? Are there questions that cannot be answered by science? Students will develop writing skills by investigating what scientists can tell us about ethics. We will explore the limits of science through an investigation of ethical theory and utilize various media including podcasts, popular science magazines and classical philosophical works to compare and contrast ethical and scientific methods. Students will evaluate the arguments in short essays to enhance critical analysis skills. We will focus on creating written work that is clear, organized and thoughtfully elaborates on arguments based on a clear thesis. This will be accomplished through class discussion, peer-review, self-assessment and revision. The course will culminate in an 8-10 page research paper.

Course syllabus

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