WRT 370: Creating Digital Identities

Course Description: Creators in a variety of fields share their work on digital platforms: designers collaborate to change the world (everylastdrop.co.uk), storytellers and literature buffs blog to create beauty and insight (brainpickings.org), developers collaborate to solve problems (github.com), and fine artists build galleries to showcase their work (kehindewiley.com). In this class, students will explore their creative and professional identities through both reflection on their own work and rigorous research into relevant audiences whom they intend to engage. We will also go beyond individual identity to explore community identity and investigate the interplay of individuals and communities. This knowledge will be used to construct a digital portfolio that makes effective choices about platform, style, content, and design, based on their own goals and interests. Using self-reflection as well as peer and instructor feedback, students will revise and refine their work throughout the semester.

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