My courses are designed around the interplay of performance, argument, identity, and using communication to create social change.

Course descriptions and syllabi available below.

First-Year Composition

WRT 105 – The Science of Good and Evil

Course Description: Traditionally philosophers have examined ethical questions but recently scientists have been experimenting about what is right & wrong ...
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Writing 105 – Human Happiness

Course Description: What is happiness? We seek it, talk about it, see it all over the news, but are we ...
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Professional Writing

DMS 200: Digital Portfolio

Course Description: Digital media students often publicly showcase their work while pursuing internships, careers, and postgraduate education. To prepare for ...
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WRT 274 – Psychology: Communicating your Professional Identity

Course Description: This interactive course teaches "real life" communication skills and strategies that help students present their best professional selves ...
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Community-Engaged Coursework

WRT 265 – Argument and Evidence Across Contexts

Course Description: In this course students will investigate the following questions: What is argument? What is evidence? To answer these ...
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WRT 370: Creating Digital Identities

Course Description: Creators in a variety of fields share their work on digital platforms: designers collaborate to change the world ...
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